Wheels Motorsport
It's pretty safe to say that the landing screen explains what Wheels Motorsport is!


the brief

Wheels Motorsport is the home or kart racing driver James Robinson. Since GTX World are a sponsor of him in his racing career, we created a website to promote his racing. James has been in karting for the last 6 years having started racing at the age of 12, in which time he has won numerous races and championships and competes across the UK against some of the best drivers in the UK

our services

  • Logo design
  • Website design
  • HTML & CSS2 design
  • MotorSport Admin backend
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Website management
  • the solution

    We wanted to make the Wheels Motorsport website smart and professional so that follows of James' racing career could be easily followed so that he can obtain the support he needs. The website needed to be update-able by himself, giving him the ability to upload news articles, race results, images, provide links to partners and sponsors and include a driver profile for himself.

    the result

    The website was created through a combination of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. It is based on a MYSQL database that holds all of the content for the website. Having created the system for Wheels Motorsport, the system was developed and branded as MotorSport Admin. The website is manageable by James through a secure admin panel. He can edit/add pages, links, news articles, results, race reports, driver profiles, galleries/images with little HTML experience thanks to the built in Rich Text Editor. To speed up the functionality of the system and its processing power Ajax (JavaScript) has been integrated into all of the processes.

    This was the hub for my Racing Driver career. It was a place where my relatives could find out how I was doing from all over the world and it has really helped me through my career. It was the start of MotorSport Admin and it is great to see how MotorSport Admin has developed and improved!

    James Robinson, Racing Driver