Hector Hurst Racing
The landing page boasts Hector's stunning helmet and his omnipresent orange


the brief

Hector Hurst is a British born racing driver. We started creating websites for Hector in 2011 when he was racing in the Formula Renault BARC championship. In 2012 we became sponsors of Hector's racing in the FIA Formula 2 championship.

Our sponsorship of Hector has resulted in a revamp to Hector's existing website with a energetic design that reflects Hector's unique Formula 2 car design.

We are excited to take our partnership to the next level and to help support him, in the way we know best, in his racing career!

our services

  • Logo design update
  • Website design update
  • A powerful media resource for his sponsors & partners
  • Complete website management
  • the solution

    With Hector's bright, clean Formula 2 car design for the 2012 season we wanted to make sure that we could expand his branding from his car to his website.

    The design is based on a bright orange, bright blue and a Formula 1 based silver. We experiemented with a variety of concepts and designs before settling on the new design. Not only is the colour scheme of the website based on his car, his car is a prominent part of the design so that visitors can easily identify him in his Formula 2 race car.

    the result

    Thanks to constant interaction with Hector, and his team, we have been able to create a unique and vibrant website that matches his personal branding. This helps make Hector one of the most recognisable drivers on and off the track.

    The design shows of his colour scheme and the photo of him and the car on every page makes it easily identifiable as to whom Hector is. Our upgraded logo brings style to the website and helps create a modern feel.

    The design incorporates a countdown timer so that you can immediately see when hector is next racing and where in the world it will be. We have switched from using static Twitter integration to providing the latest three Tweets from Hector's official Twitter account. This allows visitors to see exactly what Hector is doing and what's on his mind. Twitter gives him the freedom he wants and gives us additional, live, content.

    Working with James and the team has been a dream, there have never been any faults with my website and all content is uploaded before I even know its been written. It is the one area of my racing that I never have to stress about.

    Hector Hurst, Racing Driver