Behind GTX World

GTX World is a sub-division of Attollos Technology that specializes in website and iOS application design and development for all sizes of project. On top of these we provide our own web-based products, businesses and iOS applications. With our continual learning and development we are able to accept projects of any shape and size with our focus on providing the right product for our clients.

a bit of history

GTX World was founded in 2006 as a growing business with a growing number of projects and products in the portfolio. It stemmed from a passion that CEO and founder James Robinson had with the web and website design. Since its formation our range of services and client base has continued to grow including sports teams, small businesses and large multinational companies.

In 2010 we started iPhone application development, creating a series of applications with webserver communication. Our team released their first application into the Apple AppStore on 22nd March 2011, a big milestone for the company and the team. Since then our iOS development has continually been growing and will continue to do so.

what we do


For years we have been developing websites for both our clients and ourselves. These have included simple websites, websites with content management tools and e-commerce solutions. Our expertise makes us a good choice for any of your website development needs.

With our hosting solutions we can design the website, develop it, host it and manage it providing a complete solution for many of our clients. We are able to develop websites serving specialist areas such as motorsport. Our projects are not just limited to out of the box information and shopping websites.

iOS applications

With the growing popularity of the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, we have developed applications for the Apple AppStore and applications for clients. The AppStore has revolutionised the smartphone industry enabling world wide App distribution. iOS development is slowly becoming our speciality due to popularity and demand.

what we believe

The technology industry is fast and flowing, changes are always happening and improvements are always being made. At GTX World we look to the future and as a result we aim to make sure our websites are up to date and at the same time support older technologies and browsers. We believe that a website should look the same no matter what operating system or web-browser they are viewed on so we make them cross-browser friendly, meaning that they look and act almost identically in each web-browser.

We focus heavily on creating a suitable design for the client with a clean and clear user experience. We also include the ability for our clients to easily edit and update the content so they can be self-sufficient, or we can provide a service to manage the updates.

why us?

With a passionate, youthful and innovative team with a wealth of experience it makes sense to choose GTX World for your website or iOS Application design. Our team has experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP for website design and Java, C and Objective-C (iOS & Mac) for application development.

Our business has been built with a passion for meeting the needs of our customers and a flair for design and development. This helps us to create great solutions and satisfied customers.

If you are interested in what we can do for you then head over to our contact page now, to get in touch with one of the GTX World team.